Thursday, January 12

Twinkie - A Delicious Log of Joy

I thought I would never make one of these, but these are words that need to be shared.

Wednesday, November 23

Wonder Woman Sketch

Warm up sketch with Easy Paint Tool SAI.

Saturday, October 15

Batman vs. The Joker - Aftermath

Batman has caught the Joker...again.Time to drag him back to Arkham.

Silly Joker.

(SAI and Photoshop)

Wednesday, October 12

Batman Sketch

This here is a sketch I'm working on. "Batman: Year One" is getting released on DVD the 18th, so I have Batman on the brain lately. I hope I don't lose my motivation. I would like to see this finished.

Monday, September 26

"Liberated" Male Comic Book Characters 2

Look, mommy, I liberated Iron Man!

"Liberated" Male Comic Book Characters

In recent news bubbling through the comic world, DC has claimed to begin "liberating" their women characters. The result is something less liberating and more whoreish.

So a few of us over at Comic Dish have started a topic where we try to "liberate" the male heroes. Here is my version of the Joker in all his romance-cover glory.

He wants to show you his guns... all four of them.

Thursday, August 11

An Experiment

Alex has returned. He will be the focus in an webcomic I will be using as a stress reliever.

Saturday, August 6

More Poster Work

Still fiddling with the design. Things are starting to come together.

Sunday, July 31

Poster Concepts

Comic Dish is currently having a Community Event that centers around designing a promotional poster for your webcomic. Though I haven't even started releasing MONSTER SOUP yet, I decided to join in on the event. I see nothing but benefits from this event.

Here are the first two roughs I came up with.

I'm really liking the last one. I'll try to hammer out some more roughs before I settle on one that I like.

EDIT: Spent more time on their faces.

Saturday, July 30

Comic Yummies

A glimpse of what I've been working on for the past four months. This is part of the prequel comic for Liz Staley's webcomic "Adrastus".