Friday, July 16

I Write Like...

Playing around with "I Write Like." There are no scientific methods involved. But it's fun to mess with. :)

Here's the breakdown of my work and the style I was compared to.

"Eden" Part I - Dan Brown ("The Da Vinci Code") *sigh*
"Eden" Part II - James Joyce ("Ulysses")
"Eden" Part III - David Foster Wallace ("Infinite Jest")
"Eden" (all) - Dan Brown *double sigh* (There must be something in the first half that's Brown-esque.)
"May the Dead Speak" - J. K. Rowling ("Harry Potter")
"Four Corners: Masquerade" - Robert Louis Stevenson ("Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde")
"Four Corners: Forever" - Chuck Palahniuk ("Fight Club")
"Four Corners: Legend" - Vladimir Nabokov ("Lolita")

Then I pasted some blog entries to see what it came up with.
Entry 1 - Stephen King
Entry 2 - Bram Stoker

Finally, I typed in this simple phrase, "I like to write. I write books. I love creating." Apparently, that sentence is in the style of Mary Shelley.

Personally, I prefer not to compare myself to any other author. I like to stay in my own head-space and deliver my own screwed up style.