Saturday, January 15

I Swear This Isn't Blood

I've began editing the first draft of MAY THE DEAD SPEAK (Book 2 in the EDEN series). I've been dragging my heels on this one. As with anyone else who writes, they know of the pain I'm talking about. Editing Hell. And it is. My mind gets to this point where I'm scrutinizing every word in a sentence. My pages begin to look like someone has bled all over them. I go so deep into editing-mode that I begin to lose sight of the story, the characters, and what's going on. That's when I have to take a break and mentally smack myself around. I have to slip into the mindset of a reader and not the writer. If it reads well, then move on. I need to stop with the editor mindset. Things tend to sound better when I'm actually reading instead of ripping my hair out over a silly comma placement.

I imagine myself being trailed by a typo demon or monster that pops up when I begin this phase. Sure, I may catch some of my mistakes, or change a sentence around to make it sound better, but this part always runs the risk of creating new typos. I've noticed this with my other books. After I've pulled my hair out over the editing process and managed to get to a place where I feel comfortable, I'll go back months later, grab my printed copy and discover these new typos. My stomach knots. My forehead hits my palm. I'm left feeling like an idiot. Tis my constant struggle with that unattainable goal of perfection.

Maybe I need to cruise the internet for some motivational quotes...


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