Tuesday, January 25

Technology Sucks

I spent an hour today trying to correct the Wacom driver issue with Manga Studio, and it still isn't fixed. (Followed all the guides I could find on the internet.) I have been having the most terrible time getting this comic off the ground. And now things are starting to fall apart. Perhaps I should start small. Do a carefree, simple comic. That way I can familiarize myself with the programs and work out my own process. I need to experiment a bit. But right now, I'm completely overwhelmed to the point where I'm starting to dread working on it. That's not the place I need to be. I want to have fun with this, but all I'm feeling is anxiety and, well, dread. Something isn't right. Perhaps I need to take a step back for a moment. Or perhaps I have been pushing myself to hard.

I do have a manuscript that needs finalized for print. Then there's always the story I worked on for this past NaNoWriMo. This could be the nice break I need. And now my mind switches to the Steampunk story I have in the pipeline. Maybe I need to do what my grandmother says and make a list of the things I want to complete that day. It worked for Uma Thurman in KILL BILL.


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