Saturday, January 22

Sketch Dump

Ever since I've hooked up my new 26" LCD TV as a monitor, I've noticed how it would better serve someone who only surfs the net or watches videos. When it comes to art, this LCD TV is lacking in color management. So after I get some type of stand or table for the TV, I'm stuck using it. At least I can hope over to another computer to do color corrections. My goal is to get a new 23" hp monitor I found at Best Buy. But since my funds are lacking, I'll be going back to the square 19" monitor.

Anyway, the first script for MONSTER SOUP is finished. I will be kicking myself into gear to being the layouts. If I can get up to five pages a week, I would call that my comfort zone. It's a lot of work, and I know I can't do the five pages a week to begin with.

Until those pages see the light of the internet, I'll keep posting random sketches.
Yes, I've changed my signature yet again. *sigh* I'm keeping this one, though. It's simple. It looks like a "D" but also a "B", and it also looks like a pitchfork. Works for me.

And for an added bonus, here's the warden from MONSTER SOUP.
Gargoyles make such cute humans.


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